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New Direction ABA is dedicated to improving the lives of children with Autism and other related disabilities using evidence-based interventions. At New Direction ABA, interventions are tailored to your child's strengths and needs to promote language, social skills, and independence. The services delivered are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

New Direction ABA was founded by Nicole Marks, M.Ed., BCBA to help children with Autism and related disabilities make meaningful connections with the world around them.

New Direction ABA provides a variety of services including:

ABA Therapy

New Direction ABA offers support for your child who may be having difficulty with learning a particular skill or behavior. Our staff will observe your child to determine what may be causing the problem behavior.

ABA Parent Training

Parent training is an integral part of your child's successful acquisition of skills. Evidence based research has found a direct correlation between family involvement to acquisition of skills. Parent training consists of a 4-tiered approach: discussing, modeling, doing, and providing feedback

Discussing: a conversation about what skill we are focusing on, how to implement the intervention, and why we would like to work on this particular skill.

Modeling: the BCBA will demonstrate the intervention used with the child. This is done through modeling the intervention that is currently being implemented.

Doing: the parent will demonstrate the intervention observed through modeling with the child or through role-play.

Providing feedback: The BCBA and family members will discuss the intervention practiced, make comments, and provide corrective feedback.

This approach will continue until the family member feels comfortable providing the intervention and can implement it by themselves.

To learn more about New Direction ABA’s Autism Treatment in North NJ call 201-577-1443.

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